Who We Are

Fusion Consulting is an executive search firm that has been headhunting exceptional individuals in the national and international markets for well over a decade. Our approach to executive resourcing is dynamic, progressive and rigorous. Put simply, we excel at identifying and headhunting the finest talent across industry sectors.

People are the core of Fusion’s business. Just like you, we recognise that exceptional individuals are the cornerstone of an organisation. Fusion exists to connect superlative executive, management, and specialist players and the organisations that seek them.

In addition to providing you with a preferred shortlist of interested individuals, Fusion also conducts in-depth market research and talent-mapping. Particularly for those companies seeking to recruit diversity talent (often in very niche areas of expertise), Fusion’s research is unparalleled in terms of its depth, accuracy, and relevance to your own business targets and management drivers.

We are dedicated to gaining a thorough understanding of your organisation’s needs and expectations before we even begin the recruitment process. We want to understand your company’s dynamics throughout the value chain, from the broader, macro-level statement of your corporate values and objectives to the everyday micro-level workings of your staff and company processes. The reason? We want to meet your executive resourcing and specialist skills headhunting needs in the best possible way. 

What We Value 

Making a significant impact

  • Authenticity
    Fusion’s process and market research will give you an accurate indication of the current realities of a particular market. This is especially true of the more specialised searches with very particular demographic and/or diversity requirements. Our research provides a thorough coverage of market conditions as they currently exist.
  • Collaboration
    We like to think of our relationships with clients as a partnership. A partnership emphasises the values of shared interests in the efficacy, accuracy and reliability of both our market research and the search process itself. Being an extension of your business interests, we are careful to align our deliverables with your own.
  • Confidentiality
    The fact is that many professionals in their respective industries will not advertise their desire for alternate employment opportunities through responding to an advertised opportunity or by contacting a recruitment firm. It is often a highly sensitive and confidential issue for them in terms of professional reputation. Fusion ensures that all information concerning the process is treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Effectiveness
    Our search process into particular industries, and by extension the roles that particular individuals are fulfilling in those industries, has real-world utility, leveraging you an invaluable advantage in terms of optimising your organisational practices and structures.

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