How we do it

Part science, part art

Step one: [Converse and Construct]
Our primary goal here is to understand your executive search and specialist skills requirements in the best way possible. We think of this initial meeting as a conversation, a dialogue where we both define and refine the exact requirements of your search. Considerations of geography, track record, company size, specialisation, and any sensitivities that may exist around the role, will be taken into account whilst compiling the appropriate search universe. 

Once we have constructed a detailed research corpus on both market trends and individual profiles, we present our findings to you. This provides you with key insights into competitor structures as well as the demographic profile of the potential pool of individuals. 

Step two: [Approach and Assess]
The next phase involves proactively approaching the relevant professionals with a view to establishing their level of potential interest in the opportunity. 

Once we have established interest with the identified individuals, Fusion will personally conduct a suitability analysis, allowing us to assess the individual’s fit with the role in more detail. We are careful to take note of how well we believe the individual will fit within your company’s culture, both professionally and personally. 

Step three: [Manage and Maintain]
For Fusion, the key to a successful appointment is as much about building our own relationships with clients as it is about bridging a bond of trust between an employer and a potential employee. In this final stage, you have an opportunity to actively engage with the individuals we have personally selected for the role in question. Throughout this process, Fusion remains in close contact both with you and the individuals we have represented, ensuring that we successfully manage this process to conclusion. We exist to ensure that the candidates’ interest levels are maintained and that there is constant and clear communication between both parties. 

When the formal process comes to an end and the individual has made a successful transition, Fusion is emphatic about keeping the lines of communication open between all the parties involved. Fusion is able to offer any post-placement assistance as and when it is required.