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Specialists in search

In broad terms, most Executive Search firms follow a fairly similar route in sourcing professionals for a potential position. Fusion’s approach is unique in that we comprehensively apply all the foundations of good search processes and procedures while still offering you a surplus of value-adding services. Many other Executive Search firms in South Africa, as well as internationally tend to stipulate a base package threshold from which they work, when embarking on an executive headhunting process. Fusion is different in that, in addition to executive and management level placements, we also have developed the capability to resource specialist-level positions which require an extremely rare skills set.


Fusion makes use of a trilinear approach to source exceptional individuals: advertised selection, networking and direct headhunting. Advertised selection (usually through national publications in and outside of South Africa as well as business forums) will typically attract those individuals who are actively seeking alternate employment. By networking, Fusion utilizes our headhunting contacts to ensure that we identify individuals who may not currently form part of the preferred search landscape, but who have been in the preferred industry previously and have subsequently branched out into other industry sectors. Lastly, by employing our methodology of direct approach/headhunting, we source individuals who are currently performing in a similar function in a different environment, and who may not be actively looking to change positions, therefore requiring a more proactive and direct approach. 

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