Creating a culture of happiness

Contributor to Forbes Online, Carmine Gallo, recently posted a fascinating case study of a business (and it’s CEO’s) transformation, from an environment where the leadership style was more dictator than democratic, to a culture where the happiness of employees is the most important factor in the business.  

Tony Gareri had worked in the family business, Roma Moulding for 12 years. Established in 1984, Roma Moulding had carved a reputation as North America’s premier manufacturer of hand crafted custom picture frames and had thrived through several economic downturns.  

However, in 2008, the wordwide financial economic downturn had affected the company to the extent that sales had plummeted by more than 30% and Gareri was losing his passion for the business. He had lost interest in his employees, not caring what they had to say and giving little thought to what inspired them. As a result, staff turnover hit an all time high and Gareri realised that something would need to change if the business were to survive not only the recession, but also his detrimental leadership style.