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There are certain events in a business’ journey which will be celebrated as ground breaking milestones in its history – we are excited to announce that this is one of those moments! Fusion has been selected by the internationally renowned network, INAC Global Executive Search, as their South African partner and currently their exclusive representative on the entire African continent. Our selection by the global heavyweight is a great privilege and we are thrilled with the accolade that fifteen years of invaluable experience in the industry has earned us.

This is an exciting time to be in the executive search industry.  Corporations across the globe are adapting to function within a rapidly evolving global village.  Consequently, they are placing far greater emphasis on sourcing international talent, which means leading executive search networks are actively seeking out skilled partners to enhance their global reach. 

Representing an impressive group of leading global corporates, INAC Global Executive Search boasts more than twenty years of experience in fulfilling clients’ top talent acquisition objectives. The firm is highly regarded for its exceptional local know-how and highly personalised services, offered through a network of over 80 offices in more than 45 different countries across the world.