Employing James Bond

Most people look at Mr Bond and see smouldering good looks, fearless, steely-eyed determination and impressive spy skills, but we see a great employee.

Considering that Bond is technically employed by the Government, let's review: his insubordination would probably not 'fly' with the local municipality; ministers would not be able to tolerate his freelancing, and treasury would have to devote much of the national budget to cleaning up his messes. So, why is he still the darling of MI6? Loyalty for one.  In Casino Royale he almost retired for good but we knew it couldn't be true.  His work is in his blood, his DNA even.  He was born to be a spy and would never be happy doing anything else.
He's not afraid of the competition.  Mr Bond has rivals that threaten to take over the world.  Not to be outdone or intimidated by his evil counterparts, Bond stays the course and puts full focus on his career goals.

He learns to master technology in the workplace.  From laser watches to remote-controlled cars, Bond is an early adopter and a quick learner.  One training session with 'Q' and he knows his way around a cardiac defibrillator fountain pen or a tea-tray X-ray document scanner (handy office supply, we say).  He then gets the maximum advantage from the technology he is given by his employers, and this gives him an edge. 

He certainly has learned to 'manage upwards'.   It's not that 'M' isn't a brilliant leader with extraordinary skills herself, it's just that Bond knows how to manage her expectations, communicate his needs and restore peace at the end of the day.  Managing the boss is all in a day's work. 

While Fusion Consulting doesn't necessarily endorse drinking martinis on the job (well, perhaps a glass of wine or two on a Friday afternoon), or using explosives of any kind to take out the competition, we do applaud Bond, the career man.