When your employees co-brand with you online

If you’re looking for ways to improve your employee acquisition and retention strategy then you might want to consider upping your game in terms of your video strategy. "Your Video Strategy May Hold the Key to Hiring Top Talent" is an article that was recently published by CIO Magazine and written by Sharon Florentine, in which surprising statistics concerning how much vested interest employees have in their company’s technological proposition were revealed.  

The article is based on the 2013 Cisco Global Young Executives’ Video Attitudes Survey which was conducted by Redshift Research and sponsored by Cisco. Exactly 1315 executive track employees from the US, UK and Europe were involved in the survey, and an incredible 87 percent of this group indicated that they prefer to work for a company which prioritised considerable investment in business-class video. Participants also confirmed that they would choose an employer with a preferable video strategy rather than one which offered a higher salary.

While this may seem like a rather unusual preference, particularly when weighed against greater income, the article discusses the fact that business-class video is considerably different from consumer video solutions like those offered by YouTube or Facebook. Indeed, business-class video solutions provide employees with a highly reliable, secure and lifelike platform from which to market themselves. And participants in the survey clearly wished to work for an employer which has the intention of generating employee growth by utilising leading technologies.


How do business-class video solutions achieve all this? Well, as the article explains, business-class video technology provides employees with a tool that they can use to achieve a competitive edge when it comes to collaborating within the business environment. Director of Cisco's telepresence marketing team, Angie Mistretta, comments that because employees are all too aware that businesses are becoming increasingly globalised, they view the development and maintenance of relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors and colleagues as critically important. 

Mistretta explains that while business-class video has for a long time been used to help businesses stay better connected, it is now starting to be seen by young executives as a must-have for companies which they may consider working for. The bottom line is that if you want to lead from the front, as far as your employer value proposition is concerned, then remaining ahead of the technological curve is an important consideration.