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It takes significant mental strength to run a marathon, so too, to run a business. In his article titled Five Business Lessons from Marathon Training, recently published by Forbes, David Schnurman argues that there are valuable business lessons to be learnt from marathon training. Schnurman confesses to having made every excuse in the book when it comes to exercise, but over the past three years has run over 1000 miles and three marathons. His secret? Accepting 100% responsibility for his life and honouring his commitment to run.


Here are a few insights from his journey which he feels can also be useful in business:

Thriving in the digital age

Posted on Monday, 27 January 2014 in Business in the Digital Age

We keep hearing about the importance of adapting to our ever-changing world, but what does that mean? Entrepreneur recently published an article called 4 Critical Skills for a Changing World, in which author Steve Tobak looks at the effects of digital society and the skills necessary to ensure we adapt accordingly. 


What is most interesting about Tobak's commentary is that it points towards the fact that in some ways technology has complicated society rather than making it simpler and easier to function within. For example, social media may at times take away the effectiveness of real time engagement and discussion. People are also more distracted than they've ever been before and need to find ways of sifting through what's important and what's not. Critical thinking is more important than it has ever been before. The internet holds an exorbitant amount of information, but this can be dangerous if not used with discretion.


Hello World

Posted on Thursday, 28 November 2013 in Business News

There are certain events in a business’ journey which will be celebrated as ground breaking milestones in its history – we are excited to announce that this is one of those moments!


Fusion has been selected by the internationally renowned network, INAC Global Executive Search, as their South African partner and currently their exclusive representative on the entire African continent. Our selection by the global heavyweight is a great privilege and we are thrilled with the accolade that fifteen years of invaluable experience in the industry has earned us.

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When it comes to the potentially damaging effects of social media on a business’s reputation, most of us will immediately think of the risks posed by negative comments from individuals outside of the organisation.  But what about the people in your business?  How are they representing your company through social media? Irresponsible employees are in a position to do more damage than anybody else. 



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Balancing work with pleasure

Posted on Thursday, 24 October 2013 in Business Skills

In an article entitled, 4 Pieces of Career Advice You Should Never Listen to, recently published by Policymic, Karen Mishra discusses some of the most common pieces of career advice which also tend to be extremely unhelpful. Perhaps the most important point she raises is around choosing a career which speaks to your passion, as opposed to one which pays the bills. It’s fairly common for comments such as, “If you follow your true passion you’ll never work a day in your life,” to be thrown around, but this offers a completely unbalanced view of working life. 


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