Giving the gift of knowledge

It is a very sad reality that we live in a world where children and adults are deprived of something as simple as a book. Books force us to use our imaginations, learn new facts and improve our language skills.

It seems like forever ago that we were using books more than television to stimulate our minds and relax, whether it was an escape from the harsh realities of life, or just to pass the time. Television now covers those bases and people spend more time in front their phones, televisions and computers than in a library.

Although this may be true, the importance of reading has not diminished.  Take your pick, a good old paperback novel, an e-book, pdf or kindle copy, whatever the medium, there is nothing like good literature.

We believe that everyone should be allowed to experience the adventure of reading a novel, everyone should be allowed access to information to help them expand their knowledge. This is the reason we held a book drive this past month.

All of you who helped make our book drive a success have touched the lives of many South Africans who come from a less fortunate place. The teachers and learners of Diepsloot Combined School were delighted with the delivery of books, and we were even more delighted to spend an afternoon with them.
“It was great to see that a little generosity and effort can actually go a long way,” says Ilana Strydom, one of our directors. “It was humbling to see the dedication of the staff at the school – they operate with such optimism despite the difficult circumstances their learners face.”
From us at Fusion Consulting, thank you for your kind donations and taking the time to sift through your drawers and find those wordy treasures that will now brighten the lives of another generation.