What Really Matters To Your Employees

One of the hardest tasks of an employer is to keep their employees motivated and rewarded to ensure that they retain their employees and attract new recruits. But do employers really understand what makes their employees tick?

recent article by Dennis McAffterty highlighted some interesting facts about how employees think today and showed that in 2012,  as many as 32% of employers had top performers leave their organisations. The survey was conducted by CareerBuilder with more than 2,600 hiring managers and HR professionals and nearly 4,000 workers taking part in the research.

Here are some of the results:

Salary does matter!  Whilst many employers try and wow their staff with fancy titles, 55% of workers say having a certain title isn't important and when it comes down to what really matters, money still counts as the most important!

Money Talks - 88% say salary matters more than a title.

Quality of Life also matters to employees and this can be delivered in various ways. For example, a flexible working schedule matters more to 59% of employees, rather than a fancy job title, and when it comes to personal space, 17% would value their own office.

And of course, with today’s world of digital and mobile technology, another key benefit to employees is being able to work from home!

But it’s not just about what employees get as rewards, or perks which make their working lives more pleasant.  In the past, a company car was often thought of as a deal breaker for an employee accepting a new job position, however, the survey showed that only 14% would prefer their own company car.

In fact, it is quite clear that employees want to offer something back within their job positions too. 35% want to do more challenging work and 48% would prefer being able to ‘make a difference’, highlighting that employees also want to feel that they are contributing and adding value in the workplace.

And let’s remember that employees (18%) still do place value on improving and developing their skills through reimbursed studies or training to improve their performance.

In these tough economic times, where money does matter, it is great to see that there are other ways that employers can reward their staff and in return they will end up with more motivated and loyal employees who stay within the organisation, rather than ‘jumping ship’ when a better offer comes along.