Trouble in paradise - why your employees may be making plans to leave you

Do you feel like your employees have fallen 'out of love' with the organisation?  We have summarised a few points on why they’re just not that into you

1.  They haven't been given the opportunity to buy into your vision - they are not inspired 

2. Even if they do know the bigger picture, they are not sure of how they can best contribute and how their daily responsibilities feed into the broader vision  

3. The 'why' - what the broader vision is and how your employees can contribute to it is not enough, they also need to understand why they are a part of it and why they should care

4.  Managers management style does not foster respect and passion - they don't know how to inspire 

5.  Employees are not adequately equipped with the skills or the knowledge to succeed, so they live through the daily grind, feeling the agony of defeat and become demoralised 

6. Disrespectful and dysfunctional behaviour is not challenged and dealt with by managers.  Not only is this dangerous for the mediocre performer but also for your top performer, who may opt to leave, seeking out a place for 'winners'

7.  Employees feel undervalued and unappreciated, so eventually they stop caring.  


If any of these points sound familiar, it may be time for a heart-to-heart (or some independent research) with your team in order to properly 'diagnose' their interest in you.  A little tweaking, a bit of training and compromise on both sides could save the relationship.