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It takes significant mental strength to run a marathon, so too, to run a business. In his article titled Five Business Lessons from Marathon Training, recently published by Forbes, David Schnurman argues that there are valuable business lessons to be learnt from marathon training. Schnurman confesses to having made every excuse in the book when it comes to exercise, but over the past three years has run over 1000 miles and three marathons. His secret? Accepting 100% responsibility for his life and honouring his commitment to run.


Here are a few insights from his journey which he feels can also be useful in business:

Balancing work with pleasure

Posted on Thursday, 24 October 2013 in Business Skills

In an article entitled, 4 Pieces of Career Advice You Should Never Listen to, recently published by Policymic, Karen Mishra discusses some of the most common pieces of career advice which also tend to be extremely unhelpful. Perhaps the most important point she raises is around choosing a career which speaks to your passion, as opposed to one which pays the bills. It’s fairly common for comments such as, “If you follow your true passion you’ll never work a day in your life,” to be thrown around, but this offers a completely unbalanced view of working life. 


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Could a greater element of empathy improve your business performance? This was the question raised by an article entitled “Empathy: The last big business taboo?” recently published by The Guardian. The article questions why so many women find it difficult to thrive in corporate environments, revealing that 41 percent of women leave the corporate environment in less than ten years.



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Encouraging Productivity in the Workplace

Posted on Tuesday, 03 September 2013 in Business Skills

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article discussing the ways in which company owners can hamper the productivity of their employees. The author of the article, Jason W. Womak, found that employers play a massive role in how effectively their workforce functions.  He lists micro-management, lack of acknowledgement and interruptions amongst the worst productivity downers. 


While this is an aspect of the work environment to which employers need to pay careful attention – the success of the business is reliant on the output of the people who work there – this can be a tricky issue to navigate. One only needs to take a look at Womak’s suggestions below to see that a great boss who strives to encourage productivity amongst their workforce needs to know where the fine line is between being involved and being too involved. 

How to beat stress at work

Posted on Tuesday, 20 August 2013 in Business Skills

As the pace of life continues to increase so do our stress levels, and while the reality is that high stress in the work environment is always going to exist, we need to find effective ways of dealing with it if we are going to live healthy, happy lives.


In her article, 3 Common Stressful Work Situations - and How to fix Them, Maggie Parker reveals that work is the primary cause of most of our stress. Indeed, 70 percent of Americans state this as the case. The article provides comment from MD David Posen who believes that the most effective way to combat stress is to deal with it head on. To illustrate his point, he describes three highly common workplace challenges and provides helpful tips on how to approach them. 



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